Serala is an ancient Sesotho word meaning a stone wall or protective barrier around a settlement. It is the highest point in the Wolkberg range of mountains in North Eastern Limpopo, the cliffs of which form a rampart, guarding a high altitude valley of immense beauty.

As a financial services company, our wealth managers act as protectors of our clients’ and their dependants’ financial interests. This includes the design and selection of the correct financial solutions to safeguard, preserve and grow their wealth.

We give advice and provide financial solutions for our clients’ estate planning, investment and retirement planning, employee benefit consulting, medical aid and short term insurance..

We believe in an advice-driven process designed to create client peace of mind.

Ethos and core values

Our client-centric focus is based on passion, excellence, integrity, accountability and professionalism.


We are seen by our clients as providing durable financial solutions which are measurable and able to withstand the test of time.

Our mission statement

We provide superior financial advice and guidance to our clients throughout their lifetimes, with passion, empathy and commitment.

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